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Hearthwood Roasters & Suveg Cellars Cold Brew Fest 8/18 - Now Featuring Grey Whale and Small Talk Roasters

With the summer heat of August setting in, we'll not only be blasting the AC inside the winery throughout the whole month, but we'll be throwing our first Cold Brew Fest with Hearthwood Roasters on Sunday, August 18th!

Kevin and Ciara with be showcasing several new Cold Brew Coffees at the Suveg Cellars Tasting Room. Each cold brew he releases will be a surprise and might range from their Bourbon Barrel Aged to the Columbia Natural to their killer Guatemalan roast. Their coffee roastery, Hearthwood Coffee Roasters, just opened its doors on Yucaipa Boulevard no less than a couple of months ago. Make sure to ask about their coffee club!

Kevin and Ciara will be pouring Cold Brew between 12-6pm on Sunday, August 18th.

The event will be held at our DOWNTOWN LOCATION, 12132 California Street, Yucaipa CA, 92399.

  • The event is open to wine club members and the public alike.

  • Tastings of cold brew will start at 12pm, and the event will last until 6 pm on Sunday, August 18th.

Get ready to taste some of the best cold brews you've ever had!

- Craig and Karen