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Suveg Cellars will be open all Autumn Fest weekend in the Yucaipa Uptown!

Yucaipa’s Autumn Fest is a lively street fair in the Historic Uptown District of Yucaipa to celebrate the coming off the fall season. The Uptown will be bustling with lively competitions, a host of street vendors, a car show, as well as live music.

Suveg Cellars will maintain normal open business hours during the festivities. We will be open 4-10 pm on Friday October 12th, and 12-10 pm on Saturday October 13th.

The hours of the Autumn Fest will be as follows:

6-10 pm on Friday October 12th

3-9 pm on Saturday October 13th.

We’re excited to celebrate the Uptown of Yucaipa, and the fall season with you all! See you at Autumn Fest!