Downtown Tasting Room Open From May 4th-6th for Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival.

Thanks to a final push and some magic from our talented contractors, our downtown location will be open this weekend for the Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival!

Here are our hours and some information about the weekend's events.

  • Fri: 5pm - 10pm

  • Sat: 11am - 10pm

  • Sun: 11am - 7pm

  • This announcement is strictly for the Yucaipa Music and Arts Festival. When we are open full time with regular business hours you will be the first to know!

  • If you'd haven't yet picked up a wine club allocation, feel free to come to our downtown location and do so within the hours listed above.

  • If you need directions, here's a map to our downtown location!


See you at the festival!

Craig Suveg