Suveg Cellars Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide Part 2

Enjoy our second of two posts that take a deep dive into multiple varieties of gourmet cheese and suggest pairings with Suveg Cellars Wine.


Cantal (kahn-TAHL)

Processed from cow milk from the provenance of Auvergne, France this cheese has a semi-hard paste and leaves a formidable yet sublime lasting impression. Like similar mountain cheeses, Cantal develops melded, complex and nutty flavors when well aged with smooth and buttery flavors with gentle presence that linger gracefully.

Suggested Similar Cheeses: Laguiole, Lancashire, Salers, Wensleydale

Suggested Wine Pairing: Suveg Cellars 2015 Grenache


Gouda (How-dah)

A favorite in our tasting room since 2014, this cow milk cheese from Holland sustained Dutch explorers on their log sea faring voyages and then in their colonies as well. This cooked curd cheese properly aged is grainy, salty, tangy and sharp with a hint of butterscotch on the finish. Gouda offers a firm dense texture with deep mouthwatering flavors and a particularly lingering finish. Potential aging peaks at 6 years but thereafter begins to lose its balanced flavor.

Suggested Similar Cheeses: Coolea, Mimolette, Roomano, Edam

Suggested Wine Pairing: Suveg Cellars 2014 Incorrigible


Parmigiano-Reggiano (par-mee-JAH-noh reh-JAH-noh)

Often referred to as simply “Parmesan” in English, it can be on one hand an unpretentious straightforward cheese but on the other a magnificent artifact and Italian national treasure worth of the loftiest accolades. A well- aged authentic cow milk Parmigiano-Reggiano from Emilia-Romagna, Italy exhibits a hard granular, crumbly, flaky paste ideal for grating but equally capable of just melting in your mouth while offering a subtle yet complex matrix of fragrant, vegetal, fruity and savory flavors that linger luxuriously on the palate.

Suggested Similar Cheeses: Grana Padano, Piave

Suggested Wine Pairing: Suveg Cellars 2014 Primitivo, Suveg Cellars 2016 Barbera


Stanser Roteli (STAN-sir ROH-the-lee)

Processed from cow milk from the provenance of Canton Schwyz, Switzerland this outstanding cheese offers a restrained yet balanced flavor profile that has the potential to age gracefully. The pride of this particular cheese is in its restraint; it exhibits uncompromised satisfaction and insistent flavors without overwhelming the palate.

Suggested Similar Cheeses: Durrus, Reblochon, Oma, Kuntener

Suggested Wine Pairing: Suveg Cellars 2015 One Shady Lady



The rare, remaining genuine British cow milk Cheddars such as Keen’s, Montgomery’s, Lincolnshire and Reade’s from the Isle of Mull, Scotland are superb examples of the potential aging of raw-milk farmhouse cheeses. A solid cheddar features a hard paste and friable consistency with fruity, sharp and nutty flavors. Superior quality Cheddars may also be found in most of the English speaking world including California, Vermont Southwestern England and the Western coast of Scotland.

Suggested Similar Cheeses: Lancashire, Cantal, Double Gloucester

Suggested Wine Pairing: Suveg Cellars 2014 Nebbiolo


Craig Suveg