Suveg Cellars Food and Wine Pairings

Last week we released a list of food and wine pairing rules, setting general guidelines for pairing food with wine. This week we're getting a little more specific, and unveiling to your our food and wine pairing list! Created by David Cohen and Craig Suveg, it’s a great starting point to pair our wines with some of your favorite dishes for the holidays. Click the link below to be redirected to the list. Enjoy!

Pairing List

Pinot Grigio - This light wine pairs well with delicate grilled or poached fish as well as lemon chicken piccata and a lightly sweetened pear tart. It’s also a good choice for preparing risotto.

Sauvignon Blanc - Excellent with oysters and crab as well as grilled artichokes and asparagus, brined chicken and herbed goat cheese.

Viognier - Pair with grilled, full flavored fish like sea bass and tuna; chicken with a fruit based salsa; and spicy southeast Asian fare. Great with goat and light bleu cheeses.

Grenache -Try it with turkey pot pie, stews, braised veal or chicken, or cassoulet, the bean and pork stew from Toulouse, France.Roussanne - Pairs well with shellfish, roasted game birds (pheasant, partridge, Cornish game hen) and is an excellent accompaniment to bouillabaise.

GSM - A perfect accompaniment to braised or stewed beef or pork. Think bourguignon, peppercorn sauces and strong cheeses like Reblochon and Camembert.

Syrah - This is the wine of choice for rich game stews like wild boar and venison or lamb daub as well as dry aged steaks, pepper steak, BBQ pork ribs with a chile inflected dry rub, and pulled pork with lots of bark (the charred outer layer of the shoulder). It also matches well with sharp cheddar, Edam and smoked cheese like Gouda.

Barbera and Dolcetto - Two Piedmont varietals, these are very versatile wines that pair well with a myriad of foods such as bleu cheese, rich dark meats, root vegetables, roasted pork, braised lamb shanks, braised duck, rabbit with olives, Italian sausage over lentils, and any meat cooked with garlic and tomatoes.Mourvedre - Smoky overtones and brisk acidity make it an excellent accompaniment for ribeye steaks, beef short ribs, pork sausages and smoked brisket.

Sangiovese & Montepulciano - The perfect matches for tomato sauced pasta dishes, cured meats such as proscuitto and various salamis. Tannin levels work well with rich roasted meats. It also pairs well with such cheeses as Asiago and Provolone.

Primitivo- This big gutsy wine can stand up to such items as wild mushrooms, anchovy pizzas, seafood and sausage jambalaya and strong cheeses such as aged Locatelli Romano, dry Sonoma Jack and Gorgonzola, and compliments many spicy foods.

Nebbiolo - Excellent with such dishes as roast goose, veal in a tuna and anchovy sauce, risotto with porcini mushrooms or truffles, pork roast with fennel and beefsteak Fiorentina. Fontina, Grana Padano, Piave and aged Parmesan are great cheese matches.

Nero d’Avola - Pairs superbly with sea urchin pasta with black squid ink, assorted organ meats and pasta con sarde with fennel and bread crumbs as well as oxtail stew and wild boar. Pair with chocolate dishes for dessert.

Cabernet sauvignon - Serve with beef stew, rack of lamb, and charred steaks (young cabs in particular). Pair aged cabs with medium rare steaks. Cheese pairings: sharp cheddar, aged Gouda and Reblochon.

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