The Suveg Cellars team has decades of combined experience in wine, food, and spirits. Enroll in a class at Suveg Cellars to train with industry professionals and expand your knowledge, skills, and palette.


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Food and Wine Pairing Course with Craig Suveg and Food Critic David Cohen

Thursday, November 15th, 2018 6:30 PM  - 9:00 PM


Future Courses

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Introduction to the World of Wine

Join Winemaker/Sommelier Craig Suveg as he demystifies every aspect of wine: how to taste wine and discover the balance of it's components, grape varieties, types of wines and how and where they are produced and witness to the wine revolution with fresh developments and events in the wine world. Comprehensive yet engaging, this course will help you to recognize and understand how to read both foreign and domestic wine labels, purchase and cellar wine intelligently, properly prepare and serve wine, increase your global understanding of the business of wine and become a more educated wine consumer.



Wine Regions of the World

Each month, this class will feature a specific country or two and thoroughly explore that country's various winemaking regions. Discussion of wine history, varietals, terroir, climate, winemaking practices and traditions will be addressed. Join Winemaker/Sommelier Craig Suveg who has traveled to practically all of the featured destinations, has made wine in many and unselfishly offers his personal global journey of wine culture. 

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Home Winemaking

This six week course covers each step of the winemaking process in depth from (Week 1) selecting the perfect grapes for your wines; (Week 2) crushing/destemming; (Week 3) fermenting; (Week 4) pressing; (Week 5) aging and (Week 6) bottling. Each week, the course explores both the basics and subtleties of one of the critical steps in the winemaking process. Allow Craig Suveg's vast experience and contagious passion for winemaking guide you through problem solving, calculating additions, pursuing purely stylistic ideals and crafting a delicious range of both red and white varietals.



Perfect Food and Wine Pairings

This course provides practical advice for partnering food and wine. As the American palate continues to adopt flavors from a range of cultures, the task of pairing wine and food becomes increasingly complicated. Certified Sommelier Craig Suveg explores not only red and white grape varietals but sparkling wines, fortified wines and dessert wines while providing guidance concerning foods which enhance the pairing experience.



Deductive Wine Tasting

Certified Sommelier Craig Suveg presents a logical and organized approach utilizing the Guild of Master Sommelier's Tasting Grid in order to identify NOSE (Aroma) and PALATE (Flavor) descriptors including color characteristics, fruit and non-fruit characteristics and structure allowing the blind taster to make an initial and final conclusion on the wines provided. The student will be presented with three white wines and three red wines and given an opportunity to describe the wines with active class interaction and participation encouraged.



Introduction to Scotch Whisky

With a Certification of Expertise in the Sales and Service of Scotch Whisky, Craig Suveg shares his knowledge for his second passion: Scotch Whisky. This class explores the whisky distilling process, the various distilling regions and styles of Scotland, the historic distilleries and the figures who have had a significant influence in Scotland's whisky industry. 


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