Rhone Rangers Deductive Wine Tasting with Craig Suveg

Rhone Rangers Deductive Wine Tasting with Craig Suveg


We're excited to be bringing back our Deductive Wine Tasting Course by popular demand! Tuesday, June 25th from 6 pm - 9 pm at our Downtown Tasting Room, join Winemaker and Sommelier Craig Suveg for an introduction to the world of deductive wine tasting. 

This intensive 3-hour workshop provides the student with the opportunity to hone their analytical blind wine tasting skills through a series of group tastings and lectures.

  • Students will be presented with 6 wines; 3 white and 3 red and will learn to use proper wine tasting techniques in order to deductively extract logical conclusions based on the evidence presented in the glass.

  • This workshop promotes student confidence in analyzing wine by using the Deductive Tasting Method designed by the Court of Master Sommeliers. By identifying each wine tasted using a Tasting Grid format, the student will consider the color, fruit characteristics, non-fruit characteristics, structure and finally offer a conclusion concerning the varietal, region, and vintage of each wine presented.

  • This workshop also increases the students understanding of the relationship between theory and tasting as well as calibrating and improving the student's tasting technique, experience and tasting vocabulary.

  • The class takes place on Tuesday, June 25th from 6 pm - 9 pm at our Downtown Tasting Room.

Wine Club Members get discounted prices off of the normal $40 per person tickets. Your discount as a Rhone Ranger member is 20% off, taking your ticket to $32.00.

Tickets will be going up $10 a piece on 6/19, so make sure to take advantage of this early bird special.

Cheers to another successful deductive wine tasting course! See you there!

-Craig and Karen

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